12 March, 2006

Sunday Bratwurst

Unlike that past couple of weekends, I had not planned to make sausage. Yesterday we went to Chellberg Farm at the Indiana Dunes for the Maple Syrup Festival. There is not much to it, a couple of demonstrations of how they made syrup in the old days, a sugar shack, and some stumps into which the kids could drill holes. In the parking lot the Chesterton Lions Club were selling pancakes and Swedish Potato Sausages. It was a nice day, so why not a Sausage. After finishing a very delicious sausage I just started thinking about Bratwurst. Bratwurst Bratwurst Bratwurst. It is my farvorite sausage. I resolved to make Brats on Sunday. I just used what I had on hand, the other half of the pork shoulder from last week's production and the seasoning mix from the Spice House.

Here's the partially frozen pork shoulder. After cubing and seasoning, the meat is ready for the grinder.

The meat grinder attachment for the Kitchen-Aid does a pretty good job.

Time to make the sausage.

I poached the brats in St. Pauli Girl (it was on sale) and gave it a little char on the grill. It was a nice weekend.


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