26 February, 2007

Hush yer: Hot Links

Sunday in the kitchen part 2: Hot links.

What's a party without sausage? I had bought some pork shoulder for S to make this crazy good Lasagna from Jamie Oliver's book, Jamie's Dinner's. Look it up, it's really good but it's not simple.

Anyway I've got some shoulder left over, I'm making BBQ, how about some hot links? Let's go to the tape:

1.6 kg pork shoulder cubed

30 g salt

18 g paprika

8 g sage

8 g crushed red pepper

6 g anise seed (a couple of pulses in the spice grinder)

5 g ground black pepper

2 g dried basil

2 g dried oregano

2 g ground cumin

45 ml cider vinegar

135 ml water

Mix all the dry ingredients with the pork and run it through the grinder. With the paddle attachment add the water and the vinegar and mix until the ingredients start to come together, about 1 minute.

Stuff into hog medium casings and twist them into pairs so that they can can hang. Hang in the fridge to dry overnight. Hot smoke to an internal temp of 150F, 1 to 2 hours.

The recipe I used was adapted from a lazy one that I kept finding on the net over and over again. I couldn't find any others. I would like to fine tune tune it a bit, but it is still real good. serve it next to the brisket swimming in bbq sauce.

It's a long day to Oscar night, better start with a good breakfast. Look for part three for early bird specials.


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