26 March, 2007

In support of sausages

A few months back I posted an interview with Chili Champion John Novak. If you weren't able to plow through the long winded, aimless transciption, One of the highlights was when I goaded John into singing a song (about sausage) he wrote for the film, Pancho's Revenge, directed by Jorge Aquirre. Jorge, the hardest working man in Hollywood and soon to be papa, sent in a couple clips of the film showing John in all his awesome talent. I think these two clips show the power and range that a sausage has in song. Go ahead look at them, they're less than 20 seconds.

Sad Chorizo

Painful Chorizo

Both of those clips where shot on Jorge's rooftop, Rivington ST., NYC, 1998.

While we are on the subject of Novak, I want to send a special thanks to Elise at Simply Recipes, for picking up John's Cream of the Crop Green Chile Recipe. Because of the link we got the worldwide attention I predicted in the interview. We still get hits daily from her website. Thanks.

And of course big thanks to John Novak, for taking the time to share his genius with us. I hope everyone feels, as I do, just a little bit brighter and a little bit lighter.



Elise said...

Love it! Love 'em both!

Oh Chorizo... chorizo.... chorizo....

JORGE said...

you and novak are both chorizo maestros.