09 April, 2007

Count the before they: Contest

How many eggs did Tony suck?

I have known Tony since I was nine. In addition to working for my dad he has run bars and help manage restaurants in Columbus. And he doesn't look a day over thirty five. When my mom showed me this bowl of empty eggshells (and these were only the ones he saved) and told me Tony did it, I can't say I was surprised. Amazed, yes.

I asked my mom why? She said he had been helping re-model the bathroom and noticed she had a lot of eggs on hand. He asked if he could have them. Sure take as many as you like. He said liked to suck them from the shell, it reminded him of his grandmother's farm in Macedonia, he used to walk into the coop and take the fresh eggs and eat them where he stood. So when he came over to work on the bathroom, he made a stop at my mom's coop first.

'nuff said.

Let me stop at this point to say, If you can stick with reading Saucisson MAC, not only will we learn about Sausage, Smoking, Curing, and blah blah blah, but you will meet some interesting people. I promise.

back to the program.

So if you have a bunch of empty eggshells and you have already made an egg wreath, what are you going to do? How about grab this months issue of Gourmet (pronounced GOR-met).

Time to get crackin.

Mom makes a Trompe L'Oeil with lemon pudding and lemon curd.

While we wait for that to set, 'bout some crackers and cheese, eh Gromit?

SO why a cheese picture? Clockwise from the top is Smoked Gouda, a spot of Maytag Blue, Rubusto (Spanish?) and some Shrimp Butter. Grandma (pronouced gramma-gramma), made the Shrimp Butter a month or so ago (at least before the current issue of Gourmet, which features a shrimp butter recipe) for a party she gave that featured dishes from the seventies. It freezes well and on a cracker it is highly addictive, unless of course you are grandma and you don't eat anything with fish in it.

Time for desert.

Grandpa Bob with the bone spoon.

Remember the animal cracker crust? Somebody in the family ( I wont mention any names, but her initials are Bonne Femme) has a soft spot coconut cream pie. Enter Mom and the May/June 2004 issue of Cook's Illustrated.

Now for the contest. Guess how many eggs Tony sucked. Leave your guess in the comment box along with your name and if you are the first one to get it right, I'll send you a prize. The prize will either be sausage or a T-shirt, I don't know yet. Guess as many times as you want. Persons affiliated with Saucisson MAC, or if you know Tony, or if your name is Buzz, you are not eligible to win. If this all goes horribly wrong, I will cancel the contest. Be nice.



mac said...

When I said you can guess as many time as you want, I mean that you guess once, if I tell you that you are wrong you can guess again. This probably wont work anyway and I will have to eat the sausage myself.

E said...

He sucked, like, say, 14 eggs

mac said...

That's not a good guess.

rachel said...

4 dozen

mac said...

That's uh 48, right? That's a better guess, but no. Everytime I say 'Smoked Gouda,' I rememeber that's your favorite cheese. But then again how can one not love smoky goodness?

matt said...

I work with rachel and have been following all these awesome foodie posts. I'd say 56 eggs.

Liisa said...

I say 37. My t-shirt size is S.

mac said...

Matt, thanks for checking in, the foodie blog is down the hall on the left. Your guess is the best so far. You can stand on 56 or you can draw another card, but if you go over, bust.

Liisa, that guess and a case of reindeer jerky might get you a t-shirt.

mac said...

Alright, I've given ample time to entire world to send in their guesses. I'm calling it.

Matt, you are the big winner with your guess of 56. Tony sucked 60 eggs. At least that's how many I counted. We will send out the prize patrol with a grab bag of goodies just as soon as I get back from K-mart.

Thanks to everyone for playing.