04 September, 2007

Postcard from Addis

Hi Macmac--

This weekend some buddies and me went out of town for a tibs (fried goat) and tej(honey wine) fest. We also got some tera sega (raw (goat) meat). it was pretty awesome, a real canivore's delight. I had never tried the raw stuff before, and it was really surprisingly delicious. Kinda like sashimi, like you might expect. Since there is a butchery inside the restaurant, you know it's fresh. you order by the kilo, and the waiter goes over to the butcher stand and the dude hacks off the right amount and the waiter brings it back to the table. Pretty awesome. Probably nothing like that in the states due to some heath code what have you.

The tej was pretty fantastic as well, since it is basically the wine-cooler of Ethiopia, it can really sneak up on you so you gotta be careful. Anyways, since I haven't gotten around to learning how to cook here yet, I thought I could write an article about eating here for saucison. How does that sound?

talk to you soonnnnnnm,

Thanks JL, hope to see you soon. By the way, If anyone wants to party like it's 1999, Ethiopia is having it's Milenium celebration on September 12th. Seven years late you say? No, Ethiopia follows the Julian Calendar. Read more here in an artlicle from the Guardian.
Happy New Year.

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