17 December, 2007

Christmas Party

The proper way to open cava as demonstrated by Zack.

Office Christmas Party 2007
Once again the holiday party for Bonne Femme's office was held at a tony Lincoln Park location. As with any party I like to bring some food:

I love this roast. A boneless pork loin is wrapped with a pork belly. In between the layers a cream of olive oil, salt, rosemary, juniper berry, garlic and pepper is applied, then smoked over hickory.

Fazzoletti della nonna coi funghi secchi e spinaci.

Italian crepes. I think it literally translates to "grandma's headscarf with wild mushrooms and spinach." I got the idea from Marcella Hazan.

I got these Criminis (baby bellas) River Valley Ranch in Burlington Wisconsin. Stop by if you are in the neighborhood.

I made the mushrooms into a Duxelles, pureed sauteed spinach, and made a white sauce with Parmesan cheese. Making crepes was fun.

Rillettes du canard.

After receiving Brian's letter, The Jersey Report: Confit du Canard, I got a duck. I like to think I aways read the label but in this case I didn't and when I got home I realized that my pintail had been "flavored" with a brine solution. So I skipped salting it. Rillettes is potted meat, but to get the meat I have to make a confit first.

I threw away the orange sauce, saved the neck and the carcass for stock, and rendered the skin and fat.

I got about 12 ounces of fat from the duck. I needed more so I made some lard.

For the confit I probably added 16 ounces of lard to the duck fat to make sure everything was covered. I put in the meat the gizzards and the wings. They cooked in a 200F oven for about 6 hours.

For the rillettes, I took the confit meat and a little duck fat and ran it through the Cuisinart.


I feel no holiday is complete with out some home cured fish. This one with dill, white pepper and caraway.

Other Additions:

Kiff made a magical mango chutney to go with the pork. Audrey roasted chestnuts for a superb chestnut cheesecake. Corine's spinach salad added color and balance to the holiday fare. JJ made Christmas cookies, and Bonne Femme made her signature bacon and onion tart, polenta and the ever popular Ice box cake. Thanks everybody for a great party.

Merry Christmas



Anonymous said...

how can I get a job at this museum?

Peter M said...

That pork is sexy!

Also MAC, I can't see where your link is to email you, as i have a charcuterie question to ask you.

My email is truenorth67@gmail.com or you can find the link at my blog.



Wine Commoner said...

holy crap

mac said...

Dear Amous:

Leave your name at the door, someone will get back to you.

Dear Peter M:

Bein from the GWN I'll cut you some slack on using exclamation points when ogling another man's pork. Here on the Southside we just say "Yeah, that's a nice piece of meat."

I never found a slick way to put up my email address but you can always get a hold of me at saucissonmac at gmail. I took at peek at your blog, like they say around the fishing pond, I like what you're doin. Think smoked prime rib.

Dear WC:

Watch the potty mouth, my grandma reads this.

Thanks to everyone for writing.

Matt said...


I am contacting you because I am working with the authors of a book about blogs, and I'd like to request permission to use the photograph you have posted in this book. Please contact me at matt@wefeelfine.org, and I'd be happy to give you more information about the project. Please paste a link to your blog in the subject field. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.