14 January, 2008

Duck Tale Part One

I bought two ducks at Walt's last week. It has taken them five days in the fridge to thaw. I cut them up today.

I laid the breasts on a bed of salt then added more salt. I saved one for dinner tonight.

I seasoned the gizzards, the legs and the lollipops with salt and pepper. Everybody goes into the fridge for twenty-four hours.

I roasted the bones and bits for brown stock. (Note: Roasting duck bones gives of the aroma of McDonald's. If you happen to have been a child in America, then you know this is a good thing.)

The skin and fat are rendering on the stove right now.

Tune in tomorrow we will confit the legs and prep the breasts for prosciutto.



CMH Gourmand said...

Do you do mail order yet? I am hungry for some duck!

mac said...

Sorry private parties only. But you're welcome to come by any time. I have the Trencherman's Suite set up for you.