03 January, 2008

Sausage Mania Part Deux

The post holiday sausage wrap-up.

Recipes for Kielbasa and Venison Sausage.

Nothing says Merry Christmas like sausage. About a week before the big day, me and Neighbor J, got together and stuffed thirty pounds of holiday cheer. In the previous Sausage Mania we made a few different kinds of sausage. The time we planned on making only Kielbasa, but again we also got some venison from Neighbor K, so we worked that into the schedule too. We adapted recipes from The Sausage Making Cookbook, by Jerry Predika. I got my autographed copy as a gift from one of my readers in Europe who picked it up in San Diego. What a small world.


Predika's book has ten different Polish recipes. We did three versions. We used a combination of beef and pork. What are the essential ingredients to a Kielbasa? Garlic and marjoram. You can improvise from there.

One nice thing about winter is that you can put stuff outside to keep it cold.


The book has thirteen venison recipes. Again we picked three. All the recipes call for the addition of pork.

The venison was already ground, so we ground our pork then mixed all the meats with the seasonings.

The next day I fired up the smoker.

I hot smoked a few to a internal temperature of 150F.

I took my batch to share in Columbus.

The day after Christmas the smoked sausages made a good hiking snack in the Hocking Hills.

Here's the ingredients we used:

Polish Kielbasa 1
3lb Beef
2lb Pork
40 g salt
1-1/2T 15 g pepper
1-1/2t 2g dried marjoram
½ t 2 g allspice
6 large cloves of garlic
2T 18 g paprika

This one was really spicy compare to the others, a few tasters said it was too strong.

PK 2
3lb Beef
2lb Pork
40g salt
10g Pepper
3 g dried marjoram
6 large cloves of garlic
½ t 2g cayenne

PK 3
2lb 9oz Beef
12 oz Pork
2lb 4oz Pork belly
45 g salt
8 g fresh marjoram
1g allspice
1 T fennel seed
10 g pepper

This one we just made up. I put too much salt in it. It should be only 35g.

Venison 1
3 lb Venison
1 lb pork
1 lb beef
40 g salt
10 g pepper
2 T 3g Sage
1T 1g thyme
½ t 2 g nutmeg
½ t 2 g cayenne
2 bay leaves

2-1/2 lb Venison
2-1/2 lb pork
½ lb butter
38 g salt
3 t 10 g pepper
1 t 3 g cayenne
2 g sage

We ended up with big chunks of butter in this one. The neighbor said it grilled up real nice.

4 lb Venison
1 lb pork
37 g salt
2t 9g sugar
2t 8g pepper
1t 1g dried marjoram
4 cloves garlic

Of all six sausages I think this one was the best. I don't have a particular affinity for venison, but I was surprised how well these few ingredients turned out such a good sausage. It worked well both smoked and fresh.

Now go make some sausage, give me a call if you need help.



Senor Senf said...

And call me if you need some Mosterd!

chipolata said...

All I can say is...

Pork belly
Wild mushrooms
Fresh sage

I dont even like venison!
enjoy monsiuer!!