03 March, 2008

Chorizo, chorizo

Chicken chorizo hash for breakfast.

Did you read the previous post where I suggested getting a whole chicken? Did you get one? Did you make stock? Did you stuff the legs with Swiss chard and cheese? Some people may call it an obsession, but I just call it a good habit. I bought another bird, made stock, some "chikin" fingers for the boys, and... What's that? Ma are you comin' to visit? Well I got a chicken breast what should we make?

Around here we love whippin up something good for breakfast. I am particularly partial to any menu with the words huevos and rancheros on it. I figured with the leftover chicken I could whip up some ranch style hash with chorizo.

Chicken Chorizo

720 g (1lb 80z) Chicken cubed
125 g ( 4 oz) Bacon diced
8 g Salt
7 g chile powder*
5 g paprika
3 g black pepper
1 g Mexican oregano
1 clove
Pinch of cinnamon
10 g garlic minced
Vinegar (15 ml) and water (30 ml) as needed

*The chile powder plays the star roll in this sausage so use something good. I had some New Mexico powder and I ground up a guajillo. Check out Penzeys or the Spice House for your chile needs.

This is best started the night before so that the chicken has a chance to marinate. Grind the whole spices in a mill and combine with everything else except the vinegar and water in a large bowl. Rest it in the fridge overnight. The next morning run it through the meat grinder. Stir the ground mixture adding the vinegar and water so that it starts to come together. Fry it up in a pan with some red potatoes, some onion, a poblano pepper and presto! hash. Serve with homemade corn tortillas and poached eggs.

For more chorizo fun, check out this video of Novak and his ode to Chorizo:

Spring is coming.



greg stimac said...


John said...

Man, I wish I were your neighbor. Do you do mail order? Great video, too.

mac said...


Thanks for checking in, it's always a treat when the celebs drop by. Check out Greg's work at gregstimac.com or stop by the Museum of Contemporary Photography, to watch his video "Peeling Out." On view through March 22. He also has work in "Worlds Away: New Suburban Landscapes" on view at the Walker Art Center through August 17, 2008.

Speaking of celebs...

Dear John (née Novak):

I wish I was your neighboor too. There is no chorizo without you. I could send you some sausage, but, give a man mail order and he can feed his family for a day; teach him how to grind and he’ll have love for a lifetime.