09 April, 2008

Fools for School

Break's over.

This week I started spring quarter and a Intro to Baking and Pastry class. As part of the class we are supposed to take photos of our work, I will try to keep a running photo diary on my flickr page.

In other school news I received the following email this morning from our roving corespondent, Jolie:

--------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Apr 7, 2008 1:26 PM
Subject: LE CORDON BLEU PARIS - Candidature
To: [Jolie]

Chère Mlle [Jolie],

Nous vous remercions de votre intérêt pour LE CORDON BLEU.

Nous sommes heureux de vous informer que votre candidature a été acceptée pour LE DIPLOME DE PATISSERIE - programme intensif du 17 Novembre 2008 au 5 juin 2009.

Nous vous adressons aujourd'hui par courrier la lettre d'admissibilité comprenant les détails pour le règlement du solde des frais de scolarité ainsi que le règlement intérieur de l'Ecole.

Nous vous rappelons que la date limite de paiement est le 3 Octobre 2008.

N'hésitez à nous contacter pour toute information complémentaire.

Avec nos sincères salutations,

Admissions Director
8 rue Léon Delhomme

My French is a little rusty but it looks like we will have a stringer working the Paris beat this Fall. That will make three in my family that have gone to culinary (My Uncle J cooks at Orso in Anchorage). Like my pal Sabra says: You crazy kids are always up to something (Sabra also has stories to tell of being elbow deep in the butter cream bucket).

Très Bien Jolie!

My mom, Ekarhu and Jolie spent the Easter Holiday in Spain. They put some nice pictures up on flickr, check them out.

We'll get back to the business of sausage real soon.


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jolie said...

So Jo has just casually revealed that she too has had formal training in the culinary arts. She has followed an 8 week course delivered through the Columbus Public Schools night education program sometime in the early '70's ('72 or '73). The world really changed for us kids once she got the pasta machine for christmas shortly thereafter.