30 April, 2008

Spring, I hardly know you.

vin de citron styled

So much for April. Last week in photo styling class we had to shoot a beverage and convey temperature. Does it look cold? The condensation portrayed here is a 50% glycerin mix. So much for the magic.

What's more important is what's inside: Homemade fortified wine, vin de citron, commonly referred to as vin de hoo-hoo. This year why not make a batch? Impress your friends with homemade Lillet. Summer is right around the corner.

Here's a link to a previous post on making vin de citron



rachel said...

man the DH has been trying to ply me with that last week when it was 80 degrees. Since I am nursing I am trying to steer clear of the hard stuff. Your shot is great because it looks cool and my mouth is watering.

Anonymous said...

Why does Rachel have a designated hitter?

mac said...

Dear Amous:

No, no that's a designated hittee. Everyone should have one, it's a great way to control costs. I wouldn't mess with my dear pal Rachel; even though she has embraced the clean living lifestyle of a suburban New Jersey mom, she's still a Philly Girl, which means she can simultaneously eat a cheese steak from Geno's, smoke a carton of Parliaments and break both of your arms.

Thanks for writing!

christine d said...

you amaze me! i am sadened that i am not sharing a pastry board with you! your ham looks fabulous and i can almost smell your bread from here! i am in awe of your skill as a chef and a photographer!

mac said...

Oh boy, somebody call Panera, I think they're missing a bunch of butter. CD, thanks for checking in, I hope you and your family are well. I'll save a spot for you in advanced sauces.