16 August, 2008

Sausage for Radio

Dinner in Columbus with Family, Novak and CMH Gourmand

Last week my friend Jim came over and we made some sausage. He recorded it and made a podcast out of it. Now you can hear the gentle sounds of sausage being stuffed and you can count how many times I say "You know," in STEREO!

Check out Columbus Foodcast on ITunes or at its very own website, http://www.columbusfood.tv/.



Andrew said...

(I need to work on my spelling issues before I hit post)
Is it so wrong that the sound of sausage being stuffed gets my heart racing?

I can't beleive I've never heard of the Meat Packer's Outlet-how is it, in general?

P.S. Thanks for the shout out, as the kids say

mac said...

Just trying to keep it real, yo. I heard about the Meat Packer's Outlet at a party and I was so intrigued by the name, I drove over that night. I suppose it's not really proper to talk about a place that I haven't been into and if I had an editor and a fact checker and a lawyer, the whole blurb would have been taken out. That said, the place looked cool, and Jim reported that he saw a line out the door. I will check it out next time I'm in town. The website is meatpackersoutlet.com.

Thanks for writing.

Andrew said...

I'm definately going sometime soon (sorry kids, no COSI or zoo, we're going on a meat run).

naperton said...

who is the handsome fellow at the end of the table?