24 November, 2008

The Paris Beat: Fruit Cakes

The Paris Beat is a new feature on Saucisson MAC. Follow Jolie, (my sister) as she has adventures living in Paris and attending Culnary School. This is her second postacard.

So I’ve been busy baking all week. It’s been great. So far we’ve made some very unexciting stuff, nice and easy for the first week! Shortbread cookies, fruit cake, madelines, apple tart. Tomorrow we are making gateau basque which is fancy talk for a butter cake with a layer of pastry cream and some prunes baked in. The very worst part is, we take everything that we bake home. This means I’ve got 2 fruit cakes, 16 madelines, who knows how many shortbread cookies and an apple tart sitting on the kitchen counter. This problem is going to be compounding. An advanced student was trying to unload a chocolate pistachio cake last night and I had to look at her like she was nuts.

Hope you are doing well. I will send more pics and stories soon!



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The Big Kituna said...

We beat fruit cakes here in California sometimes. Good to hear there are fruit cakes there as well