13 November, 2008

The Paris Beat: Getting Started

The Paris Beat is a new feature on Saucisson MAC. Follow Jolie as she has adventures living in Paris and attending Culnary School. This is her first postacard.

I need to take more pictures, but I wanted to send you this one with the cool hat you gave me. I think it is one of a kind in Paris, where people are more stylish than in DC, but dress out of the same color palate.

There is a picture of a coffee at café Delmas where a coffee with cream costs 5.20 euros because Hemmingway used to live on the same street. Wonder what he would think of that.

There is a picture of the Seine,

and finally a shot my window in what my landlord describes as ‘a great view of the rooftops of Paris’. I will get to snapping more.. . .school starts next Monday!



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