17 March, 2009

South Side Irish Shepherd's Pie Sausage

Shepherd's Pie Sausage

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Are you looking for an authentic "Irish Bangers" recipe? Well good luck, The Irish don't have much of a sausage making tradition, unless yer up for making a Dirsheen, which is a blood sausage. For a further discussion of Irish bangers, click here.

One thing the Irish do have a lot of is sheep, and last week I was obssesed with lamb.

Looks like a leg of lamb

I went looking for a saddle (that's a cut not a ride) but I ended up with what the packer called a rear quarter; It was cheaper than a leg, but it looks like a leg to me. I chopped up the joint and made stock with the bones. I planned on making Shepherd's pie, so I fired up the search engines and got a couple of books from the library and looked for the perfect recipe. They all boiled down to this: Ground lamb, ketchup, peas, carrots and mashed potatoes. Yumm-o? I realized what I really wanted was a lamb stew, yes that's it, topped with mashed potatoes and browned in the broiler. With a nice stock, it's not too hard to make a stew.

Browing the lamb

Deglazing the pot with beer

I browned the lamb then removed it from the pot. Next I threw in some sliced onions and carrots let them saute for a few minutes then sprinkled over a bit of flour over the mixture and deglazed with beer. After the beer reduced, everything gets thrown in: Stock, tomatoes, garlic, seasonings, lamb. Set for stew.

For the topping I made what the pros call Duchesse Potatoes. They are potatoes that you mash add a little butter and some eggs. Then using a pastry bag, The potatoes are piped into whatever shape you want. So I put my stew into a casserole topped it with potato and browned it in the oven.

Lamb Stew as Shepherd's Pie

Stew is good but sausage is good and fun. I started thinking about all the ingredients for Shepherd's Pie in a link.

Spices for shepherd's pie sausage

I put together the spices and I got grinding. I did a ratio of fifty percent potato to lamb and twenty-five percent onion to lamb. Also like the stew I added a wee bit of beer.
IPA brewed in Beverly by John

I had planned on using Guinness, but I forgot to get some, so I ended up using something even better: Home brewed pale ale, made in Beverly by me friend John. Now I have the sausage, I just have to find a party.

St Patrick's Day in Chicago.

H with green Chicago river

On Saturday we went downtown so the boys could see the Chicago river change from dark green to bright Irish green.

Beautiful Day for a Parade

Audience with St Patrick

Then Sunday we went up to Beverly for the South Side Irish parade. Corinne, John, Jack and Will hosted an open house. We had corned beef, cole slaw, shepherd's pie sausages and more basement brewed ales.

Shepherd's Pie Sausage in Beverly

What a weekend, and nice weather to boot. I'd give you a recipe for the Shepherd's Pie Sausage, but I forgot to write it down. I'll make it again soon. In the meantime enjoy St. Patrick's Day, the green means Spring is coming.



Andrew said...

Bloody link wouldn't fit on my original comment!
Mac-sauages look good-I assume you used some sort of filler?

I keep meaning to make lorne sausages ever since our last visit to Scotland:
(under sliced sausages)

Fry some of these up, along with pototo scones (recipe on that same site), make a great breakfast sandwich.

mac said...

Dear A:

Thanks for checking in, I filled the sausage with lamb, potato and onion. I didn't publish the recipe because I think it needs some tweaking. My original concept was to simply take the ingredients for shepherd's pie and run it through the grinder. It turned out pretty good, but it needs a little more zing. Since I wasn't going for an authentico sausage of the Isles, I left out the rusk (aka breadcrumbs, sawdust, pencil shavings).

As for your lorne link, that's a nice looking idea, what's stopping you?

How about this: On your marks, get set, GO!

Andrew said...

We're in the process of getting ready for a short trip to Cincinnati, and the sight of me firing up the meat grinder would probably be the last straw for my wife! Therefore, I must concede this round!

Maybe I can track down rusk at Jungle Jim's this weekend. I've actually been emailing an old friend of my mother's, who is a retired butcher in scotland. He's got some good thoughts on Lorne sausage that I'll have to try out (he also worked at an Italian butcher in Glasgow whose specialty was a sausage made from boild pig's head, fatback, and pork blood-sounds intriguing!)