15 April, 2009

Springtime In Columbus

Collecting Eggs

We went to Columbus for Easter, and we had a great time. Spring in Columbus always seems about three weeks ahead of cold dreary Chicago, and this past weekend we had nice weather to get out and hit some of our favorite spots.

Bonne Femme at Yankee Trader

On Friday we went to Yankee Trader to load up on trinkets for the Easter egg hunt. Plastic bugs, stickers, butterfly erasers, fuzzy gnomes, you just get a paper bag and write down what yer putting in the sack. I hadn't been there in a long time, it seemed a lot less cluttered but still fun. Just don't play with the whistles.

At Yankee Trader...

Pistacia Vera - canelé, lavender macaroon, ginger sable

Then Ma took us to Pistacia Vera for cookies.

Ma at Pistacia

kickin back with a cuppa at Pistacia

Once back in Clintonville I made a trip to Wasserstrom where found a wok brush and I also stopped at Giant Eagle for a 25Lb bag of Sapphire flour.

Cheers with blue cheese chips

For Dinner we had turkey sandwiches and blue cheese potato chips. The turkey was left over from the Seder dinner my mom had at church.

On Saturday I made my pantry run to Penzeys then ma took me to The Fresh Market and Marcs. She calls them the yin and yang of grocery shopping in one stop.

The Lion's Share

In the Afternoon we hunted for eggs and had cake.

Working together

Easter Egg Hunt - The Haul

Bunny cake

The Blue Cheese Burger, grilled

For dinner Bonne Femme made Blue cheese burgers. She said she gets them like this at Hackney's and they're called the Inside Out Burger.

Bonne Femme making Blue Cheese burger

Could it be a Jucy Lucy?

Pork shoulder bacon

I fried up some shoulder bacon to top it off. After dinner I took Bonne Femme to Studio 35. She thought it was pretty cool.

Easter table

Sunday started with a trip to church. I'm not much of a church-going person but I liked walking to Church. Crestview Presbyterian is where my parents got married, I got baptized, and I attended many a mother-son banquets. It was a nice day for a walk. The boys got to ring the tower bell.

Salmon benedict with sorrel sauce

For brunch we had a salmon bendict with a sorrel sauce. Sorrel is the first green up in my mom's garden, we got the recipe from the Herbfarm Cookbook. My mom cured the salmon and got the eggs from the coop.

GMA's house

After brunch we walked to grandma's house. We hunted for Easter baskets.

In the den at GMA's

Then for dinner I prepared a leg of lamb on the kettle.

MAC n lamb

Leg of lamb on the grill

Spnach salad with stawberries and blue cheese

Lamb and polenta

It turned out pretty good. Family and place are made special by what we make of them. Take care to make it good and the memories will flow.



Andrew said...

Looks great, glad the weather cooperated (it's been cold and rainy since!)

We must have been following in your footsteps on Saturday-after doing the easter egg thing at the zoo we stopped by Wasserstrom's, but it was closed, and we almost watched a Movie at Studio 35, but it was too late.

jno said...

Isn't "Seder at Church" an oxymoron. ;-)