14 June, 2009

Mustard Run

Löwensenf extra on smoked trout.

I'm out of mustard.

For our Oktoberfest last fall I asked my brother to send me some. I received six tubes of Löwensenf extra. Needless to say I have become addicted to its strong flavor, it makes Dijon taste like salty paste. I finally squeezed the last bit out of the last tube on some smoked trout. In addition to mustard run(go to the library and pick up The Good Cook's Book of Mustard, by Michele Anna Jordan), my sister(Jolie) just finished her program at Cordon Bleu; so I'm grabbing my chef jacket, some seersucker pants and hoping a flight to the continent. Stay tuned here and on my flickr page for updates.



CMH Gourmand said...

Add two more tubes of mustard to your luggage.

Andrew said...

I'll trade some caul fat for mustard!

A trip to France-I'm envious!

Anonymous said...

Can you bring me back a tube of Sweet?

Mike said...

Love smoked trout! We ate the last bit we had squirreled away a few weeks ago, and need to make some more.

Rondell said...

I see in the Sunday supplemental that Aldi got some Briargate mustards for only 69 cents. You should head on down there right now and stock up before that storm hits.