18 August, 2009

Enjera Ohio

Doro Wat - Stewed Chicken

I love Ethiopian food. It's even better when you can make it at home. If you are lucky enough to live in Columbus Ohio, then you have easy access to all the ingredients you need to make a Habesha feast.

Awash Enjera Bakery

My sister, Finny and I went out to a mini mall on Hamilton, our first stop was Awash Enjera. There we picked up some Barbere, some other spices, and of course enjera. Awash has most everything you need, but if you want to comparison shop you can mosey a few doors down to the Muna International Grocery.

Muna Grocery

Green Coffee beans

I bought some green coffee beans, I'm gonna try roasting my own.

Barbere - Ethiopian spice mix

Berbere (I have seen it spelled different ways) is mixture of spices somewhere between chili powder and curry.

Rolled Enjera

My sister, (Jeanlouise: Jolie) did most of the cooking, she made lentils, Chicken stew (doro wat), green beans, and a tomato salad. everything is pretty easy to make, if you want a recipe, send me a note using the "contact us" button.

Fun food that's easy to make, give it a try.


Awash Enjera
1403 S. Hamilton Rd.
Columbus, OH 43227

Muna Grocery
1419 S. Hamilton Rd.
Columbus, OH 43227

PS: Now for some pictures of stuff I don't think you should try at home (yet). Jeanlouise just got back from Ethiopia here's a few shots of what she ate there:



Tere Sega

Tere Sega

Hamot (Bile) dipping sauce

All served with Hamot (Click on picture for translation).


jolie said...

Nice one Mac. This was our second attempt at homemade doro. Our effort was a good one, strengthen by the fact that we get major street cred for making up our own batch of kibbeh (ethio spiced butter). Kibbeh is a clarified butter steeped in ethio-tastique spices such as Koseret: Ethiopian lemon verbena and Korerima: Ethiopian cardamon among other things. Kibbeh is also used as a hair dressing, think of it as rural ethio's answer to Dapper Dan.

Jay M. said...

I know very little of Ethiopian cuisine. I can dig the raw meat with mustard sauce (the hamot might take some getting used to) but what exactly are enjera? They look like a cross between tortillas and crumpets.

Looks delicious though.

jolie said...

Dear Jay M! Enjera is a flat sourdough pancake and the staple food of many parts of Ethiopia. Each injera is about 25 inches in diameter, so pretty large. The ingredients are flour (any kind, but teff- a kind of millet, is considered most desirable), water and salt. It is made by combining the flour and water, then letting that ferment for 1-3 days depending on temp (kinda like a sourdough starter). Once the batter is fermented, salt is added and the enjera are cooked like crepe (on one side only). The bread is super soft and spongy, perfect for soaking up all your sauce, and has a pleasant sour taste. I find it highly addictive!

Rondell said...

Who eatin cow bile? That's nasty.

jolie said...

I'll try anything twice, because you never know. There is one Ethiopian specialty called dulet. It is essentially minced tripe, intestines and liver with spiced butter and hot chili powder. The first time I had it, it was awful tasting like a bunch of chopped up organs. The second time, ate it a different place and fell in love. Completely. So who knows, cow bile could have its place, though I will say the flavor sensation is rather intense.