17 September, 2009

How I Spent My Summer

It's the start brand new season here at Saucisson MAC. Fall brings a festival of sausage and charcuterie. But before we get started, I want to recap the busiest summer of my life.

From Yankee Trader to Paris

Summer started in June, I cashed in some credit card miles flew to Paris. My sister had finished pastry school and had a few days before she bugged out to Africa. I landed at 09:00 got oriented bought some provisions and by 19:00 we were on a train to Berlin.


Paris Est

Mac and JL on the overnight train to Berlin

In Berlin we were recieved by my brother who whisked us off to his East bloc apartment for a Finnish breakfast.

Karhu meets us at the train station

Liisa and Karhu's East Bloc APT

Suomi Breakfast: Rice pie, fish and cheese

For three days we drank beer, rode bikes and searched for the perfect döner kebab.

Entrance Club Cassiopeia

Ride like the wind, Berlin

 Döner Kebap at Im Hasir

My brother went back to Paris with my sister and me, and we took in the sights.

E. Dehillerin

Karhu and JL at Notre Dame

Pate and cornichons

Boudin noir and rocket

I missed my family.

On top of the world

Back in town there was no time to rest. I did a pulled pork and sausages for the Fourth of July. I also produced a series of Hot Dog videos.

Moping the pork shoulder

Hot dog ready to smoke

Red Rocket

Then came Bonne Femme's family reunion, that meant smoked ham and more pulled pork

Ham Smoked on the gas grill

Cherry Pie by B. Femme

Pork Pulled

Then comes August, sweet August.

Who wants to spend two weeks in beautiful Columbus OH? I do, and throw a party to boot. But what to do? After reading a silly silly silly article in the New York Times about the hipness of Hog Butchery I decided hey, I could be hip, I could cut up a hog, I mean it's just like cutting up a chicken but bigger, right? My mom got us a pig, my family flew in from all points and we had a party.

First the pig.

MAC and small frozen pig

Splitting the hog

Separating the shoulder

Ma sawing the ham

Then the party.

Jolie with rubbed pork

Ham wrapped in banana leaf

Pork Taco

Back yard


Playing ping pong

The Cast:



proper technique

Mom's ham

Liisa and Karhu at The Top
Liisa and Karhu

Bonne Femme

Cool Kids

Boston Creme

I am the luckiest person in the world. Thanks for a great summer.

Now Fall.

I'm curing a bacon on Twitter. You can follow along at #macbacon. Next week is Sausage Week, I will try to keep you updated on activties here and hopefully get a report from our man in Munich. I'm working on new sausage recipes, and I found some new books for you to look at. Get ready to cook, Fall is the season for sausage.

wiener on the barbi



Larbo said...


So glad to see you've joined the hottie, hipster, hog-butchering crowd! If you can't beat them with a stupid stick . . .

Mike said...

A lot of great looking food! What's in the banana leaves? Is it pibil?

mac said...


In the NYT, 5 Sep, Seversen wrote, "Current culinary couture centers on two themes: pork and farmers." Com'on catch the wave.


Yeah the whole pig got "Pibiled," my favorite party food. I'm thinking about getting a banana tree.

L&M Thanks for checking in.

Andrew said...

Looks like the European trip was well worth selling your soul to the credit card industry.

Drop me a line when you come back to Columbus again, I've got about 50 lbs. of lard-style hog in my freezer that needs processing to make room for the next one (I'm thinking about boning out the picnic ham and making porchetta).

mac said...


Thanks for your concern about my soul but I got the credit card industry's number, I never carry a balance.

As for your heavy freezer, Tazo, porchetta, cassoulet, pibil, bacon, sausage, rilletes, carnitas, pate, corndogs, pig pick, petit sale, ham, did I say sausage already?

I'm sorry I missed you in August, I wont be back until Xmas. But my mom and dad are coming up on Thursday, so if you have extra packages you wish to loose, set them on I-70 westbound at mile marker 90.


Dave said...

Wow, that's some post. I'm a tad disappointed the chainsaw wasn't used more in dicing the little pig, would've been very Scarfacish.