18 June, 2010

How to make habanero salsa


Anonymous said...

2 questions
1) what are the ingredients?

2) who got hurt? I hear Stephanie in the background asking who got hurt.

I make the hot sauce that we served at our wedding. Carla's dad's recipe. Habaneras + ginger + garlic + salt +red pepper + veg oil


mac said...

I softened the habaneras (is that the pl?) and garlic on a dry skillet. Little bit of salt, little bit of OJ to get things going, that's it. There's a recipe in "One Plate at a Time" by Bayless.

My parents are visiting. I don't know exactly what happened off camera. but I think everyone is ok. I've never been into hot hot sauce for hots sake, but the habanero is so flavorful it's worth the sting.

Ginger and red pepper huh? Sounds interesting.

Thanks for writing.

Anonymous said...

cool, thanks for the add'l detail. i'll have to try that some time. glad everyone's Ok.

Rondell said...

Mr. Saucy Mac,

That salsa only fit for a tiny mouse to eat! It's a good thing you ain't cooking for Rondell because my appetite a much bigger than that!

Rondell said...

And another thing! Why you be coughing up into that hot sauce?! You need to get yourself one of them sneeze guards before somebody call the health inspector!