03 June, 2010

How to open Champagne (Cava)


jolie said...

all u are missing is some christopher walken voice overs! CHAMPAGNE!

Moosler said...

You have a chance to use two wonderful and esoteric words in that video:
agraffe - The wire that holds the cork in a champagne bottle.
sabrage - The act of opening a bottle with a sabre.

btw, thanks to your Taking Bacon Back post, I made some from scratch for the first time. Deadly simple and enjoyable...thanks for the good example to follow.

Rondell said...

Ugh, Freddy Crooger! Don't y'all get lil glass shards up in your bubbly that way? And where the strawberry at?

And one more thing! Who that second glass for? Ain't nobody out there with you! Is it for that hound dog that was runnin around in the beginning of your feature presentation?

Josh said...

Scorcese-esque. Long shot, pasta sauce and creative use of knives. Well done!

mac said...

Dear Moo:

I appreciate the champagne nomenclature lesson but here in the Southland I'd get laughed out of the sports bar for using the word esoteric. Don't get me wrong, everybody knows what it means, they'd just want to break into my house looking for unread New Yorkers to burn.

I'm glad you made bacon, everybody should be making bacon. Now do it again. Thanks for writing.

Dear Ronnie:

I never drink alone.

Dear Josh:

Do you think I have a future in the movies?