27 August, 2010

How to make pizza dough before work


Jon in Albany said...

What flours did you use? Looked like all purpose, OO, and one other.

mac said...

Dear Jon:

The AP is Ceresota brand, it's a strong flour (close to bread flour), The 00 is a soft flour, and WW is whole wheat.

Thanks for writing.

Jon in Albany said...

Looks good. I'd like to get better at making my own pizza. It is interesting how many variations on the pizza theme are out there.

mac said...

Making pizza at home is great. I try to make pizza every Friday, I call it "Friday Night Pizza Party" Here's a link to some of my pizza photos on flickr:


I recommend reading "American Pie" by Peter Reinhart.


Anonymous said...

Looks interesting - it's great you can make dough that quickly, and have fresh dough ready when you get home!
However I'm having trouble following the recipe from the video - I can't make out some of the ingredients, weights, etc.
Any chance you can post a written companion guide with the recipe? Thanks!

mac said...

Dear Amous:

Sorry we only had enough tape for one take and the chalkboard device didn't work out as well as I had hoped. Here's are the quantities I used in the video:

10 oz (2c) Flour
7 oz (7/8c) water, room temp.
2 g (1/2t) instant yeast
3 g (1/2t) salt
Olive Oil maybe a Tablespoon in the dough, more for the bowl and shaping.

Like on the Vid, mix ingredients together place into oiled bowl cover and refrigerate.

After work use oiled fingers to punch it down and divide into two pieces. Shaping: flatten each piece, do a business letter fold and shape them in to nice little rounds. Mind you the dough can be sticky so I like working on an oiled surface. Cover and allow the doughs to rest on the counter for an hour or until it's pizza time. I make my crusts on parchment paper then bake them on a stone in a 500F oven. I pull the parchment after 5 minutes and use it again.

Yield: 2 10" crusts.

Making pizza at home is a trial and error process, find what's easy for you and go with it. I'm happy to help anyway I can.

Here's a picture of one of the pizzas I made with this dough on flickr:


Thanks for writing.

JI said...

I liked the video but I think it was missing the pathos of the original novel. That said, you did remove some of the slower parts, such as Pablo's Thailand excursion, so all in all an improvement on the source. Well done!

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