13 April, 2012

How to Debone a Leg of Lamb

Prepping lamb on the laundry table

The real kitchen pro knows he doesn't know everything. I didn't know how I going to make a roast out of a leg of lamb.

Leg of lamb

I did one a couple of years ago. That time I cleaned it up, studded it with garlic, and tied it up.

Leg of lamb prepped

Cooked it on a kettle,

MAC n lamb

and preto, roast leg of lamb.

Leg of lamb on the grill

For this dinner, I wanted a boneless roast so that I could get some big prime rib looking slices. I have de-boned my fair share of pork shoulders and hams, but I wanted this boneless roast to still look like a leg, so I hit the web.

I found this video "How To Debone a Leg of Lamb" from Kitchen Basics with the CIA. In this video the butchering instruction is great, but the resulting roast is not so attractive.

Then I found a slide show from the Washington Post, "Raise Your Game: Deboning a Leg of Lamb" In this presentation the instructions are rather lame, but the final product is inspiring.

I put together the two ideas to make up a roast.

lamb roast

I applied a rub of Coffee and lavender based on the Coffeehouse Hot Link then put the joint on the smoker.


Gentle apple smoke to an internal temperature of 122F and it's time to eat.


With the leftover shank, veg and mash, I made a pie.

Smoked lamb shank


Smoked shank pie.

With sharp knives, a measure of determination, and a twist of inspiration, just about anything is possible. If you have any questions, write.


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