14 July, 2012

Know your chicken.


Pan roasted chicken.

Crispy skin is the best part of a chicken, now you can do it at home. I don't know if this method is an up and coming trend, or a fad of the nineties, but pan roasted chicken is my favorite way to cook a chicken. It's pretty easy and it only requires an outdoor grill, an iron pan and a chicken.


Prep the chicken. Pick a poulet from you favorite poultry provider. I get a WOG (that's pro talk for "Without giblets")from the grocery, about three and a half pounds. Remove the wishbone, the wing tips and brine in a six percent solution (that's 60g salt per liter of water) for one to four hours. After the brine time rinse your bird then bind it with a measure of kitchen twine. Rack and rest it in the fridge uncovered, several hours would be nice to allow the skin dry, until you are ready to cook.

hot pan on the grill

Start the grill.

Select a nice iron pan and place it on a cold grill. Warm everything up. I use a gas grill, but use anything in which you can easily maintain a temp of 450-500F for an hour. I don't recommend doing this inside, it's going to get smoky. While waiting for things to heat, baste your bird with a neutral oil and season with a few grindings of white pepper.


Place the chicken on the pan, close the cover and set the timer for twelve minutes. No peeking.



Flip the bird. Using tongs (a spatula is handy too) gently turn the bird onto it's tummy. Cover and put ten minutes on the timer.

first side

Carefully balance the roaster on its side, let it go for ten minutes.

second side

Now put ten minutes on the other side.


And time to eat. Let it rest for ten minutes, uncovered, then carve.

Pan roasted chicken, curry rice, green beans

Eat this.


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