12 March, 2007

Equipment Update

Back in January, I wrote about the New Stuffer I received for Christmas. I still believe it is a great stuffer and last week I pimped it up a bit with stainless steel stuffing tubes. Pictured above are the 1/2" and 3/4" stuffing tubes from Sausage Maker, Inc. They are a perfect fit on my stuffer and now it takes about three seconds to load the casings. A very worthwhile upgrade.


shamste said...

Perfect! I've been cursing at the blasted plastic ones for continually getting stuck together when I store them. Yes, I know I could just not store them stacked like I do, but that isn't the point.

mac said...

Yeah I was thinking of ya when I put up the pic. I just can't find anything wrong with this NT stuffer. My father-in-law suggested that instead of mounting it on a board to find some rubber feet to bolt through the holes. That'll be the next upgrade. Theses steelies are sweet. Now I just need to find someone who can laser etch on some pinstripes to finish the look.