05 March, 2007

Grinding Meat in Addis

Our man in D'Dorf just got back from Addis and he has posted some really great pictures. If you are bored and you want to look at vacation photos, check out Ekarhu's Habesha Diaries.

I asked him about the above picture on IM earlier today:

MAC: how about that meat pic? I want to put it in the blog.

Ekarhu: Sure...whatever gets your mouth watering

m: yeah

E: But the meat picture, kinda knocks the hungry out of ya

m: nah its good stuff, but i can't tell what kind of meat he is working,
looks kinda big for goat

E: it is either goat or beef

m: you didn't pick any up for dinner?

E: I got in enough trouble when I bought chat, eating meat is difficult there..

m: trouble, kitty chat?

E: Well, you know everything there is free range,and when animals get exercise, they get muscular, and, well chewy

m: just like the cowboys in the days of old...

E: So here, if something tastes mediocre, you can chew it once and down
but there, if something taste not great, you have to chew 10-15 times
which is fine when the meat tastes ok

m: you just need a good braising recipe

E: but when you get some bad goat (and I am not a huge goat fan) it is like a piece of crap bubblegum

m: Oh, I see. It's a nice picture anyway.

E: thanks.

PS. Please, keep in your thoughts the people who were recently abducted in Northern Ethiopia. It is scary(say scarier) when you know people over there, you realize we are all connected.

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