19 January, 2008

Ham Serial Part Three: Let it Dangle

Upstairs, Bonne Femme, is conducting the music appreciation class. The boys are getting their grips on some of the beacons eighties: The Dead Kennedys, Love and Rockets (not as popular), and Ministry. I think class is going well, above the thrashing I can hear the boys being told to stop jumping on the couch.

Meanwhile down below in studio C, the ham has come out of it's week long briny bath. I'll let it get some air for at least 24 hours before puttin some smoke on it.

Before I hung the ham, I let it, along with the cured bellies, soak in a change of water. I fried up some of the bacon this morning and it was too salty. I am hoping a short cold bath will bring a little balance.

It's almost time to fire up the cold smoker.


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