01 August, 2008


Pizza Margherita

Pizza in the summer time. This is the time of year when there are so many things to do other than pasting pictures on the internet. Earlier this week, Andrew at Slim Pickins' Pork, posted a picture of a pizza and well, I just couldn't help myself. Tomatoes are starting to come in here in the Chicagoland area and I picked up a few today at the Flossmoor Farmer's Market. I used three of them, peeled, seeded, and chopped, and cooked them down in a skillet with some chopped garlic and some olive oil: Hey Presto, Pizza Sauce. Four ounces of diced fresh mozzerella and into the 500F oven. As soon as it comes out cover with chopped basil.

Crust, Pizza Margherita

My ten year old pizza stone from Target is in three pieces (has been for years) but it still works.

What's that? Kids wanna have a slumber party? Better make some ice cream sandwiches.

Ice cream on chocolate jumble cookie

Remember when then most exciting part of Friday night was watching Miami Vice? It's gotten a lot better.



rachel said...

omg that looks fantastic and B and I will take your word on Friday nights being even better. Fridays hit us like a mugger hiding in the bushes.

sabrazahn said...

Oh, to remember the days when we had to drag your sorry ass out of the house on a Friday night. . .At the time, I didn't believe that spending time with Michael Mann's vision was more important than a vodka tonic at the Travel Agency. . .

I have to say my friend, you now have the right to say, 'I told you so'. I've spent many a recent Saturday morning watching the 'Miami Vice' rerun on WCIU. Did I mention that it's in Spanish? (and a reminder that I don't speak a word of that handsome language). First off, Spanish is perfectly suited for the locale of the show. But more importantly; by not understanding a word that any of the characters are saying, I'm no longer distracted by the bad acting and horrible dialogue. And the magic of the other production elements really shine through. It is ridiculously awesome to watch. And the guest stars are event better. . .Just last week Bob Balaban was on as a smarmy caretaker, (I think .. once again, don't know what they're saying), of Crockett's boat. Probably the snappiest wardrobe in Mr. Balaban's notable career.

So I'm eatin' some crow Mr. Conaway, eatin' some crow. . .

Andrew said...

Looking good, I think pizza is going to have to be a weekly menu item at our house

naperburg said...

you should call the sandwich a "tubbs and crockett"