17 September, 2008

Live from Sausage Week: Chicken n Cheese

Test patty

I don't usually do a test of a sausage mixture before stuffing, it is what it is right? But I do write down everything I put in and I have notes from almost every sausage I've made (I've got this blog too). When stuffing there is always a little bit at the bottom of the canister that doesn't make it in, that's what gets fried up for snack after a job of grinding and stuffing. Let's get to it:

spices for sausage

here are some whole spices about to be ground, Fennel, mustard and coriander. I add salt, spices and powdered milk to the diced chicken.

Diced cheese for sausage

I dice up some parmesan cheese and put it in the freezer before grinding.

Ready to grind

Sausage ground and mixed

The grinding station is set up, the cheese is mixed with the chicken and we are off and grinding. After grinding I mix in the parsley and a bit of vinegar and water.

Hank of hog casings

Here is a hank of hog casings. Bonne Femme picked them up at Grant Park Packing.

Locked and Loaded

The stuffer is loaded, let's get cranking.

Stuffing Chicken sausage

I can run the stuffer solo, but it more fun with two.

Measuring the twist

Chicken and Cheese Linked

Seven pounds of Italian style Chicken, Parsley and Parmesan sausage. That's just a tune up for tomorrow, Sausage Week continues.


1 comment:

Andrew said...

Looks good; glad I'm not the only one who fries up the unstuffed sausage into a patty for a bit of a post-stuffing meal.

I have to say I was a bit suspicious of chicken sausage, but you made me a beleiver. The smoked chicken sauasge recipe in Ruhlman is especially nice.

Also, I finally got around to the pepper beef recipe in Heat; good stuff