18 September, 2008

Live from Sausage Week: Bratwurst

Bratwurst run

Three hours, thirty pounds of Bratwurst. I'm sure glad I don't do this for a living. It's hard business. Jerry came over to help and between the two of us we knocked it out.

Adding seasoning to pork

First we had to cube the pork shoulder, Then we mixed in the seasonings: Salt, white pepper, ginger, nutmeg, caraway and mustard.

Grinding 10lbs at a time

Working in 10 pound batches Jerry ran it through the grinder. Then I kneaded the mixture adding a little cream and water.

Canking the stuffer

I mentioned in a previous post that I got casings from a packing house. The advantage to these casing versus asking for some at the grocery is that I was able to get casings long enough to do 10 pounds in one run.

30 lbs of Bratwurst

Bratwurst Linked

Ok I'm done making sausage. What else do we need to make? Sausage Week Continues.

Thanks for coming over, J.



ntsc said...

On your sausage stuffer.

Get an 18" piece of 2x8. Screw the sausage stuffer to it. It easy to adjust where you screw the stuffer on the 2x8 so there is plenty of room for the wood clamps to get a really firm grip.

ntsc said...

and you can order casings from www.sausagemaker.com or www.butcher-packer.com

The will keep, under refrigeration and packed in salt for over a year.