19 September, 2008

Live from Sausage Week: Southside Larder

The Party Fridge

I think I never got my "Foodie Blogging Badge" (and Food Buzz never got back to me about being a "Featured Publisher") because I never did the requisite post with a picture of my fridge along with a description of it's contents. Here's my picture, can I be in the club now?

Yeah, ok, that's uh 40 lbs of sausage 2 racks of PBR, 2 dozen eggs, 2 gallons of milk, 3 quarts of yogurt and 4 lbs of Plugra.

Meanwhile The kitchen cavarly has arrived from Columbus just in time to inspect Bonne Femme's German potato salad.

Checking the potato salad

Puff Shells

gotta get back to work, we have a bunch of cream puff shells to fill.


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