13 July, 2009

Hot Dog Video Part III: Campfire Dog

In the finale, MAC and the boys go camping so that they may cook hot dogs in the proper way: Over an open fire, on a stick.



JI said...

That's some good looking mustard.

JI said...

Oh, where did you find two-pronged metal "sticks"?

Rondell said...

Ugh! That white man didn't wash his hands before he touched that dog! Where your rubber gloves at Mr. Saucssion?

By the way, them skinny white children look like they need to eat about 4 or 5 more dogs to look healthy like Rondell.

And another thing, when you gonna invite Ms. Rondell and share the wealth of them sausages?

Anonymous said...

Hey Crockery,
I really dig your 'helmet-cam'.