04 January, 2012

Curing a Ham for Christmas Part 3 and The Year in Review

Ham on the smoker

Happy New Year! I hope you had a good 2011, I did, let's take a look back. But first let's close the book on this Christmas Ham.

Ham ready to cure

I started it at the end of November using my bacon brine recipe. Incidently I recently read on LovePork.co.uk, that a ham made with a bacon cure is called gammon. I learn something new every day.

Hanging ham

After a week and a half in the brine, I put the ham out to hang. Ten days in the larder and its getting close to Xmas. I smoked it for 10 hours.

Smoked ham



The ham turned out pretty good, next time I think I will let it brine a little longer. And that's how 2011 ended for me, Good, but I gotta do better.

2011 began with me wondering if Saucisson MAC was over. I started working full time at Three Floyds Brewpub, and I had little time to experiment at home. But that doesn't mean I wasn't having fun. Every week we got in several Gunthorp Farms pork bellies that we turned into bacon. I used the bacon scraps and the trimmings from our Duck Frites dish to create the monsterous Bacon Duck Dog.

Upon the Head of the Goat.

We butchered a goat for tacos,

Sawed hog

we butchered a Red Wattle hog from South Pork Ranch for a Cochon555 event.

Smoking veg

And we went vegetarian for the Green City Market BBQ.

Grilling Ono

Then in August I took time off to spend with my family in Hawaii. We made some beautiful food.

In September, I found more time to blog and I have been slowly trying to get the sausage locomtive back on track.

Bacon rind chicharones

I started out with making chicharones from bacon skins.

Bangers and mash: Crispy sweet potato, Cambridge sausage, smoked spaghetti squash, mustard mash

For British Sausage Week, I made some Cambridge Sausages.

For St. Martin's Day, I made some Snout Bacon.

Turkey coming off the smoker. Shazam! Happy Thanksgiving. Time to eat.

Smoked a turkey for Thanksgiving,

Poached egg, Hollandaise, gravlax, spinach

And cured fish and made eggs for Christmas Brunch.

In the New Year, I resolve to bring new sausages that you can make at home. I will share with you my recent obessions with Kimchi and French Fries. And I'll introduce you to some new friends along the way. In the meantime I have to grout the tile in the kitchen and walk the dog.



Jon in Albany said...

I look forward to learning about kimchi and French fries. And if you find some time, I'd like to see how the grout came out too. I am considering new counter tops and if I do that, then I'll need to tile in a back splash.

Ham looks like it came out pretty tasty. It is still on the to-do list.

Happy New Year. All the best in 2012.

alan said...

Great blog! I too enjoyed a smoked ham at Christmas. Lovely it was. Thank you for your wonderful posts. Always a pleasure to visit. Have a Happy New Year.

Kim Chi....Yummo!

Andrew said...

All looks delicious as usual. Did you get a subscription to Lucky Peach? I'm loving mine, though it is a bit pricey