27 June, 2008

Live from Finland: Lapland Pig Pick

Pulled pork

Okay we're not really in the Lapland but near a small town called Karjalohja in the lake district. Bill from Tennesee certified our BBQ as authentic:

Pig Pick

Pulled pork, slaw and beans. And I wouldn't mess with Bill.
Dessert service
Dessert service by Jolie and mom.

New shirt with guitar
Interpretations by the Deuce.

Wedding tommorrow.

Live from Finland Update

Bacon from Finland

So if you're going to have barbecue, you have to have beans. For beans you need bacon. After you have made lardons, take the rind (pictured above) and throw it in.


The pork shoulder is getting there. The fuel for the fire is birch and Leppa (alder) for the smoking chamber. The beer is Karhu.


Pork half way done

The party is starting soon, I'll try to update later


Live Blogging from Finland

Firing the Finnish Smoker

Well we finally made it to Finland. Right now 7 kg of pork shoulder is cooking. We fixing a Carolina Pick Pick for thirty. here we are loading it in.

Pork shoulder rubbed and ready

Pork shoulder going into smoker

Check the flickr page for more photos. I'll try to keep you updated as the day goes.