09 October, 2010

Oktoberfest Wrap Up

Oh suffer little sausage blog. I'm sorry I wasn't able to do live blogging from Sausage Week, but we did have some fun. Here's the Recap:

Hocks and belly

I started the Saturday before with a trip to T&J Meat Packing. I picked up a pork belly and some hocks. I put them into a cure using the recipe from Taking Back Bacon.

A hank of casings

Monday, I picked up a hank of hog casings from Howard's in Munster.

Tuesday, we lost power. I was supposed to cut up chickens and make stock, but instead went out to dinner.

Wednesday, smoked bacon, cut up chickens made stock.

Bacon:  Removing the rind

Thursday, Bonne Femme made 30 lbs of German potato salad...

Piping the puff

I made 200 shells for puffs. The Columbus crew (Mom, JL and GMA) arrive.

Dueling grinders

Friday, Jerry and Kevin came over we set up the dueling grinders and ran 35 lbs of pork and 10 lbs of chicken through the plates. We made Wiesswurst, bratwurst, bacon bratwurst, cheddar brats and chicken Parmesan sausages.


Sausage stuffing station


Mix master K

Sausage Fridge

Saturday, Weisen. I picked-up a keg of Munsterfest from 3 Floyds

Our Germanic Hosts

I think this is the last year for my 40 y.o. lederhosen on little E. Here's his battle pose:

Cheeky in battle mode

Meanwhile in the kitchen Mom and JL made pretzels

Rolling pretzels


Dipped in a lye solution.


The best pretzels in Chicago. For those who asked, I never did get my mom's 'top secret' recipe, but I did spy a copy of Peter Reinhart's artisan breads every day : fast and easy recipes for world-class breads. Look for the pretzel recipe there. She made several batches ahead of time, then froze the shaped pretzels. This seemed to work well.

JL on the Pastry Cream Station

JL made Pastry cream which we put into squeeze bottles so party goers could make their own cream puffs. All the puffs got gobbled up before I could get a picture.


Shonks picks a sausage

Remember the hocks from earlier in the week? I braised them in stock and cider along with sauerkraut, onion and apples until they fell apart. They became the bed where I held the grilled sausage for service.

Friends brought some exotic and not so exotic condiments:


Mustard gift

Weisen (the field)

Here's Links to more photos.

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Thank you everyone for a great time.


08 October, 2010

How to cook house cured bacon

It's all the rage.