01 September, 2009

Roasting Coffee Beans NoCal Style

Kit from Santa Cruz (My brother)is also a long time home roaster, He sent the following note with pictures:

Looks tasty! I followed some internet thing. I drilled a hole and put a 550 cooking thermometer in mine, and roast at about 350. I usually roast for about 12 minutes at the most, and get a light roast, which is still pretty tasty.

I use a outside Coleman burner, because its too smokey for inside. It pops like popcorn too-- once early on as the outer hull breaks and once as the bean cracks (or something like that).

I cool in a screeny-colander and swirl, which helps take some of the chaff off. I need to get something to make that nice frothy coffee top though.

Thanks for writing, Where do you get your beans? I finished off the twelve ounces I roasted Friday, so I am going to roast so more today (amongst other things). I want to try going for a shorter amount of time. As for a frothy topped espresso, I can send you one old stove top units or you can look into a machine like the one I got mom, I think it does a pretty good job and it was eighty bucks at Target.



jolie said...

Kit is the OG coffee roaster. Though I will say, if you want to do it up ethio housewife style, take your charcoal stove into your living room (CO be damned!) and roast it up in front of your guests. Ethiopians have an elaborate coffee ceremony, where the smell of roasting coffee mingles with frankincense to the delight of on lookers.

mac said...

@Jolie So I roasted some more coffee yesterday, I weighed out 12 ounces, after rinsing the beans tipped 13.25 ounces, then after 35 mins of roasting 9.75 ounces. I could tell a big difference in roasting times, still very good but lighter. I like it dark dark dark...

Dave said...

Like the primitive roaster! I did roasting a couple times and fell into the internet ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE A POPPERY II rule if you're ever going to make a respectable cup. Clearly the beans don't care, it's just temperature that matters.

I got a nifty thermometer thingy I just posted on, I think I might be finding a use for it in coffee.

I also believe in doing it outside. I never imagined it wouldn't smell like heaven, but it's kind of a rough smell.